Corp. Program



Are you looking for low-cost affordable fleet car wash program? Your search ends with Rapid Xpress, as we offer one of the most cost effective, quality car wash services for your fleet of cars. Additionally, we offer quick and easy online management of your account which ensures that the complete process is transparent. Thus, signing up with us benefits you with more than one feature that includes:

Select the car wash or auto detailing that you need and the number of washes that are needed. All vehicles within the corporate account have barcode stickers with RIFD. This allows our crew to track the visits and we know that only authorized cars are being washed.

You have the option of automatic reload of your account balance when it runs low or we can send in intimation for it.

There are no signed contract to adhere to and none of the long-term obligations.
If you trade or sell the vehicle, we will deactivate the RIFD tags or barcode and send you a new one for the other vehicle.


We know that as a corporate business, the fleet of cars is an essential part of your business and taking care of them is a vital aspect of your success. Irrespective of whether your company is a dealership or a service, well-maintained and clear cars are a reflection of your company.

Though most business make efforts to keep the car smooth functioning, they forgot that the outward exterior of the vehicles play an important role. Scruffy and dusty cars don’t give the right impression about your business and that is why maintenance is important. Irrespective of whether you want auto detailing or just a quick car wash, it is important to ensure clean cars 24/7 as the customers perceive your business accordingly.

At Rapid Xpress service, we understand your business requirements and the importance of having a clean fleet of cars. That is why we have designed a comprehensive program that is easy to manage, control and is flexible. We offer the most affordable range of car wash services, to ensure that all the vehicles are clean all the time.

We take care of your fleet using RFID tags as the method restores and stores the integrated data for your company. This helps you quickly track and get the details as the car drives in. We will provide your company with all the date so that you can select what works for your business. This includes customization of the car wash programs and the budget for each car that is sent to be cleaned. Your business can access our facilities 7 days a week all through the year. This ensures that you will never have a dirty car at your business. For more information, contact our business representative today.