H20 Conserve


Rapid Xpress Car Wash is an Environmentally Friendly Car Wash


At Rapid Xpress, we are part of your community and our endeavor to stay eco-friendly goes beyond the regular usage of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. The International Carwash Association® promotes Water Savers which is a recognized program that has been introduced for professional car wash companies to help them become more eco-friendly and offer responsible business to the clients.

When you bring your car to Rapid Xpress, you are reducing the carbon footprint by opting for a cleaner environment. When you bring your vehicle over, we appreciate the business and do our best to help you get a clean car yet ensure that water is conserved. All of the water is processed through reverse osmosis which ensures that 99% of the impurities and minerals are removed, helping you get a spot-free rinse. Additionally, all of the water is again recycled and reclaimed which contributes to water conservation. We ensure that all of the brake oils, dirt and dust is separated and disposed as per the environmental guidelines of California.


Not only does the Water Savers program lower cost, but it has been conceptualized to help conserve water, yet ensure that the consumers are able to get effective car washes without any residue or water spots. That is why it benefits everyone, including the environment. Thus, we ensure that washing cars does not contribute to higher levels of pollution through dirty water and chemicals contamination. We try to use as many eco-friendly and bio-degradable products as we can to contribute our effort towards the environment.

Rapid Xpress is a proud WaterSavers program member and we take our role in the community seriously. We do our bit to reduce the carbon footprints, conserve water yet provide affordable services to all our customers. Your car will be washed and cleaned using pure water to leave it shiny and without any water spots. Enjoy contributing to the conservation of the environment and our community.


As per the International Carwash Association, each WaterSavers car wash requires nearly 40 gallons of water or less per car. However, with the innovative practice of recycling and reverse osmosis, the harmful residues and chemicals are prevented from entering the groundwater.

We understand the key aspects of safety and cleaning properly. And that is why you can be sure of getting excellent customer care and quality car wash at the most affordable prices. Our customers know the quality of service and that is why the referrals have reached an all-time high. Not just the express exterior car wash, but we do clean the interiors properly. Call us today to know more about our services and we’ll be glad to help you.