Keeping your vehicle clean is important and that is why it is essential to have the interior vacuuming completed. We understand that from paw prints, cookie crumbs, and pet dander to dirt and dust collects on the seating area and carpets. These are some of the most heavily used parts of the vehicle are these areas and that is why interior vacuuming is needed.

The dirt, food and grime deposits can accumulate and work into the pile surface, making it more difficult to clean later on. At Rapid Xpress, we use a host of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and remove the grime and dust completely. Our team of vacuuming specialists ensures that all of the deeply accumulated dust is brought on to the surface and removed with high pressure, commercially viable, car vacuums. If left uncleaned, accumulation of contaminants might discolor the seating fabric and the carpet, apart from making the car unhygienic and breeding grounds for allergens.

Our team at Rapid Xpress not only ensures that your car’s exterior looks shiny and new but we make sure that before you drive away, the interiors look and smell clean. With deep vacuuming techniques that are implemented, we ensure that the upholstery and carpet fiber piles are lifted after the dust and grime is removed. This keeps the interiors fresh and in good condition. And for you and your family’s health in mind; interior vacuuming needs to be a part of your weekly car wash requirements.

And we offer this as a complementary service when you drive in for a car wash. As a member we ensure that we consider your convenience as paramount and work as quickly as we can to leave your car clean. Though every car usage is different, but we recommend that twice a month is needed to ensure that the interiors are kept deposit free and tidy all the time.

Our experts use a crevice tool attachment for vacuuming the interiors as it has a high suction capacity and can navigate tight corners with relative ease. Additionally, an upholstery brush is used to lift the carpeting piles to bring out the dirt to the surface. This helps to vacuum it better. If there are stains, we use eco-friendly cleaners and wet vacuum extraction machine to ensure that everything is completely clean. To ensure that the upholstery is dried out, micro fiber towels are used to draw out the excess moisture. Your car is cleaned and dried before you drive out of Rapid Xpress.

As one of the leading car wash services in Merced, we ensure that only the best services are provided at all times. Call us now and get more information about our other services.